Step Above Stigma is committed to conducting research on mental health policy in Canada to learn how our nation can make the mental healthcare system more accessible. 

Presently, mental health is stigmatized, individualized, and criminalized. SAS is looking for alternatives to carceral response in mental health intervention. We are all about taking the community approach and researching ways to come together as a collective. 


The Systemic Change Team works to advance research and recommendations to fight the stigma around mental health. 

In our first research project, we are exploring alternative community-based crisis intervention methods. While research and pilot projects on crisis intervention alternatives have shown positive results, there has still been gradual action to implement and fund these initiatives. 

Our research project, based in Kingston, Ontario, hopes to better understand public perception and support for these alternatives and what cognitive biases act as a barrier to their implementation.

More information is on its way in 2024. Stay tuned for more coming soon!