Our Work

At SAS, we do a wide range of work to further our mission, help support those struggling with mental health, and expand our communities. Our work focuses on empowering youth and young adults through leadership, community-building, and event and initiative development. 

Below are just some of the initiatives currently being done at SAS! 

Community Program

Built for those interested in joining or leading a community centered around Youth Mental Health and empowerment with the support of Step Above Stigma, the SAS Community Program is an initiative started to help involve more individuals and communities in the fight against mental health stigma. 

People of all ages and walks of life have the opportunity to engage in leadership, community-building, and event and initiative development as mental health advocates. 

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Step Above Stigma creates mental health events to help destigmatize conversations around mental health trauma and struggle, as well as encourage people to learn more about how mental health is intersectional. 

From Coffee Houses, Empowerment Labs, Speaker Sessions, Workout Collabs and many more, we are always looking for new ways to further our mission and support our communities.

Empowerment Labs

In collaboration with our network of experts, we have designed custom mental health workshops (or labs) that focus on supporting an organization’s pressing need(s). Labs include topics on financial literacy, burnout prevention, self-esteem, and more.

Participants walk away with a toolkit that will support them in overcoming these challenges. 

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Mental health is stigmatized, individualized, and criminalized. Step Above Stigma is conducting research on mental health policy in Canada to learn how our nation can make the mental healthcare system more accessible. 

This is only the start of the work being done at Step Above Stigma, with much more already in the works behind the scenes!

Interested in supporting our work? Make a donation, become a SAS partner or contribute your time as a SAS volunteer! Your help will go a long way.

Contact president@stepabovesigma.com to inquire about any of the work currently being done at SAS or to share your ideas to help further our mission!