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General FAQs

What is Step Above Stigma (SAS)?

We are a Canadian charity dedicated to empowering young adults to break the stigmas that say they are unworthy. SAS is a home that empowers young adults to critically question social norms and step above the stigmas that prevent them from having good mental health. At SAS, we believe that empowerment is the antidote to stigma.

What is Step Above Stigma’s mission?

Our mission is to instil community, leadership, and purpose in 250,000 young adults by 2027 so they can live mentally healthier lives.

What services do you offer?

  • Chapters Program: Youth and young adults engage in leadership, community-building, and event and initiative development. Each individual participates anywhere from 5-10 hours per week with the opportunity to lead as a mental health advocate and serve their entire community.
  • Empowerment Labs: Empowerment Labs are fun, fast-paced, and action-oriented workshops designed to help you find your way out of the maze and start feeling empowered to take control of your life. Our workshops (or “labs”) are focused on tackling a specific challenge that impacts one’s mental health, such as self-confidence, social anxiety, or something else entirely.
  • Research: SAS is conducting research on mental health policy in Canada to learn how our nation can make the mental healthcare system more accessible.
  • Events: SAS creates mental health events that incorporate storytelling to help destigmatize conversations around mental health trauma and struggle, as well as encourage people to learn more about how mental health is intersectional.

When was Step Above Stigma Founded?

Step Above Stigma was founded in 2017 by Ampai Thammachack. Connect with her about speaking engagements by emailing

How can I get involved with Step Above Stigma?

If you are interested in getting involved with Step Above Stigma, check out our volunteer opportunities and events.

How does Step Above Stigma get its funding?

SAS heavily relies on generous contributions from companies, grants, and our community for donations. We are incredibly grateful for all your support, as it allows us to provide accessible and highly impactful services to youth and young adults in Canada.

FAQs Relating to Donations

How do I donate to Step Above Stigma?

You can donate to SAS by:

Please contact for more information.

Will I get a receipt for my donation? 

Yes! As a Canadian registered charity, SAS is happy to provide tax donation receipts to those who donate to our charity. Receipts will be emailed directly to you upon request.

How does Step Above Stigma use its donations? 

100% of Step Above Stigma’s proceeds go towards mental health advocacy and programming. 

A large part of our donations are used to continue building the foundations of our charity and to expand our services, initiatives, fundraisers and events. Another portion of the donations goes towards running each of our chapters, including their many events and initiatives. 

Additionally, we are currently in the midst of a huge restructuring process in order to continue building SAS, its services, and mental health accessibility, with lots of big plans coming soon. Throughout this process, a portion of proceeds goes towards funding our staff at SAS HQ so that they can continue their efforts in building HQ. 

What is Step Above Stigma’s charitable registration number?

Our charitable registration number is 724029483RR0001

Can I donate in person or by mail?

Yes & yes! We accept donations at any of our in-person events or will gladly accommodate a time to meet with you to accept a donation in person at other times.

And although we accept donations by mail, we do not hold any liability for lost or stolen items and would like our donors to be aware that there is a risk associated with donating by mail. 

How do I send a wire transfer?

Please contact us at if you want to send us a wire transfer, and we will gladly share the required information to do so. 

Where do I mail my donation to Step Above Stigma?

Please contact us at if you are looking to mail a donation.

Who do I contact if I have a question or issue with my donation?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your donation, please email with details about your donation and your questions. 

Can I donate if I live outside of Canada?

Absolutely! Anyone is able to donate to us directly through our website, via wire transfer, or by mail. 

FAQs Relating to Collaborations and Partnerships

How can we partner with SAS?

We’d love to partner with you! We’re always looking to build relationships with other organizations and partner on events, campaigns, or other initiatives.

If you’d like to partner with us, please contact with your partnership request.