Aaron Edgley completes 2 Back-to-Back Marathons & 1500 Pull-Ups for Mental Health with Step Above Stigma

Step Above Stigma is honoured to have organized a fundraiser with Aaron Edgley.

As an elite athlete and passionate mental health advocate, Aaron set an audacious goal of completing a world record in aims to raise money for Black Health Alliance. The goal was attempting to run the most kilometers and complete the most pull-ups in 24 hours (no sleep!).

Thanks to Aaron’s astoundingly dedication to this event and training every day, he was successful and completed 2 back-to-back marathons and 1500 pull-ups in 20 hours, setting a world record!

In addition to the major physical and mental accomplishment, in total, we also successfully raised over $2,000 for Black Health Alliance.

We are beyond grateful to Aaron for his incredible passion and dedication to end the stigma surrounding mental health and to our community for supporting the initiative and the cause.

Thank you to Aaron’s team and our team for cheering Aaron on and making this event possible.

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